iBlue is the first home test kit that tells you your body’s antioxidant level. Antioxidants are essential substances that defend your cells against the negative effects of an excessive build-up of free radicals (oxidative stress), strengthen the immune system, combat skin ageing and help preserve your mental and physical efficiency. So knowing your antioxidant level and acting in consequence can be very important for your health.

The pack contains all the tools and information you need. Just take a small saliva sample and mix it with the other liquids in the kit: you will obtain a blue solution, the exact shade of which indicates your antioxidant level (from low to very high). You can find out the result by comparing the colour of your solution against the colour strip provided: quick, simple and precise. Click here to find out more.
iBlue uses a unique, patented technology based on platinum nanoparticles, the fruit of years of research and experiments. Using just a single drop of saliva, it accurately measures the main antioxidant biomarkers, and hence your body’s total antioxidant capacity (TAC). Unlike the commonly used tests, it is easy to perform in complete autonomy, with visible results in just a few minutes. Click here to find out more.

The test is super-fast! It takes just 5 minutes to perform and read your antioxidant level.

iBlue is designed for home use. You can do it yourself, at home or anywhere you like, without needing any particular technical skills or the assistance of specialist staff. Once you have the result, you can ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice, so you can plan a personalised antioxidant strategy.

No, the test is completely painless. No blood samples or needles are required – just a small sample of saliva.

No. No laboratory tests or specialist examinations are needed to perform the test (antioxidant measurement using a saliva sample) or to read the results (colorimetric assessment).

iBlue has no contraindications, and is designed for everyone who cares about their health. Knowing and controlling your body’s antioxidant power is useful for many reasons: it helps protect your body from all the problems caused by oxidative stress (excessive free radicals), such as a weakened immune system, physical tiredness and reduced mental efficiency. It also helps you understand if your diet is balanced or if you need to adjust it, and can help boost your athletic performance and improve the appearance of your skin and the vitality of your hair.

Certainly. Intense physical exercise or a lack of training can cause a build-up of free radicals, which give rise to muscle damage and pain, cramps, reduced performance and slower recovery. So if you’re an exercise addict, measuring your antioxidant level with iBlue could be even more important.

iBlue uses a simple colour scale (from dark blue to light blue) to tell you if you have the right antioxidant capacity or not. By checking the shade you obtain you can see instantly if your TAC is too low (indicating a condition of oxidative stress), if it is just right, or even if it is too high.

Measuring your antioxidant level is a good indicator of your body’s general health. iBlue helps you identify the right strategy, offering tips to adjust your diet, lifestyle and use of antioxidants. Depending on the results, it might suggest that you take a supplement or use specific cosmetic treatments – and how often – or if, instead, you should stop taking any supplements. Click here to find out more.

Each iBlue home test kit is single use. Regular testing by purchasing new kits can help in monitoring your antioxidant levels over time and evaluating the efficacy of your strategy.

No. The test results must not be interpreted as medical indications or as advice to begin any therapeutic treatment. They are not for professional use and do not replace specialist laboratory tests.