Patented cutting-edge technology.

iBlue uses a unique technology, patented by HiQ-Nano, that measures the body’s most important antioxidant molecules.

Thousands of laboratory analyses and years of research into enzymatic nanomaterials have led to a test that can accurately measure your body’s antioxidant levels from a small saliva sample, with visible results in just 5 minutes.

Unlike the most common tests, iBlue is quick and non-invasive (no blood sample needed) and does not require specialist staff or complicated examinations or instruments.

iBlue is designed for home use. The test can be used easily by anyone and the results can be evaluated straightaway thanks to a handy colorimetric strip.

What iBlue measures

iBlue measures your body’s total antioxidant capacity (TAC).

This means it considers all the endogenous and exogenous molecules responsible for your body’s redox balance (ratio of free radicals/antioxidants), such as glutathione, cysteine, homocysteine, thiols, uric acid, ascorbic acid and vitamin E.

The drop of saliva used for the test contains the same oxidative stress “markers” as your blood.

Numerous studies are currently ongoing to confirm how iBlue can monitor and improve your state of health.

The only home test that measures your antioxidant level

Quick, simple, precise.

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